Here's Why You Should Choose ESCO

Established as an emblematic jeweler, ESCO has evolved into the premier supplier of recognition solutions. Our journey has been multifaceted; continually adapting to an ever-changing marketplace to create new product lines, expand services and formulate innovative solutions to meet the latest demands of the award and recognition industry. Let ESCO lead your organization on your new journey to recognize excellence, honor service and celebrate success. Design is our hallmark, creating beautiful products is our passion, full service support is guaranteed.

Our Differentiators

Custom is the Standard

Designing is What We Do

Creativity Defines Us

And Your Achievements Inspire Us

Brick and Mortar

Yes We Manufacture!
Not Merely an Online Presence

Superb Craftsmanship

When You Want THE BEST

Driven to Delight You

And Service Levels to Match

Our Approach

Boutique Approach

No One Size Fits All


Avoid Unnecessary Complications


When You Need Us to Be

Focus on the Individual

Engage, Recognize, Appreciate

Special Awards

As Special as the People You’re Recognizing

Our Technology

Powerful Web Platforms

Dependable Support

Manufacturing Technologies

Abound – See Below

Solutions fit to Your Needs

Not Vice Versa

Standard Programs

Easy to Adopt and Easy to Customize

Unlimited Ways to Customize

More examples below

Our Core Values

Integrity & Truthfulness

ESCO’s Guiding Principles

Family Values

Serving, Caring, Sharing

Environmentally Friendly

Adhering to the Highest Standards

Respect for the Individual

Acknowledging Contributions

``We Love You Guys``

A Phrase We Hear Quite Often From Our Customers

Our Legacy

Founded in 1934

Longevity and Experience

Skilled Craftsmanship

Passed Through Generations

Made in USA

With Attention to Detail

Our History

Our Story – See Below

Longstanding Relationships

With Customers & Our Industry

89 Years Strong!

Longevity means learning from the past while boldly forging ahead into the future. Esco still has the knowledge, expertise and old-world craftsmanship passed down through generations. At ESCO ideas are brought to fruition through the skill and precision of our craftsmen. Some things are made using age-old techniques and expert hand-processes by necessity. However, with the vast array of technical resources available today, ESCO is able to leverage highly efficient technologies such as 3D design software, 3D printing, and CAD/CAM just to name a few. These technologies allow us to keep costs low while still offering impeccably created jewelry right here in our Milwaukee, WI facility.

Made in the USA!

There are many reasons to favor American made products over imports; such as quality, environmental concerns, human rights, health and safety. However, far-and-away, the number one reason cited is jobs . Buying USA made products builds the American economy and provides jobs to our fellow American brothers and sisters. ESCO has a long standing tradition of excellence in manufacturing products right here in the good ole US of A. Products made for American consumers by American workers.

Milwaukee — Since 1934!


State of the art milling and 3D printing processes allow us to make exquisite designs with laser precision.
Turn around times are greatly reduced thanks to automation in our workflows, as well as the ability run certain processes over night.
The result is cost savings that is passed on to you, the consumer.

ESCO was Featured in Manufacturing Marvels!

Have a closer look behind the scenes of exactly what goes into making the beloved awards and jewelry pieces provided by ESCO’s master craftsmen and artisans.
Chester Erffmeyer
Robert Erffmeyer
Wendy Braatz
“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen”