Our Products



Inspired by your top performer’s achievements, our expert artisans will transform your ideas into a brilliant symbol to be worn with pride.


ESCO designs spectacular medals that will be a permanent, cherished remembrance of the goal you’ve worked long and hard to achieve.


ESCO has carefully considered every detail right down to the tie-bar, cufflink and money clip to complete the full array of branded accessories for your team.


Our beautifully crafted and expertly constructed emblems can be produced in a variety of materials from karat gold to bronze.



Plaques are a time-honored tradition in many organizations. ESCO produces a variety of exquisite plaques for any occasion. From formal to quirky, we’ve done it all!


Trophies are a classic symbol of achievement and accomplishment. ESCO proudly creates custom, one-of-a-kind trophies for all sorts of groups to memorialize your conquest!


This group of awards adds that little touch of elegance that takes your award to the next level. ESCO uses state of the art lasering technology to etch your inscription beneath the surface.

Desktop Items

Desktop awards serve as a daily reminder of your appreciation and admiration of a dedicated team member. ESCO has the best desktop awards bar-none.


Watches & Jewelry

Our product line features contemporary jewelry made right here at ESCO, as well as contemporary watches to suite every taste.

Fine Gifts

ESCO’s vast array of elegant and timeless gifts are perfect for rewarding remarkable people for their accomplishments.

Lifestyle Gifts

Our lifestyle offerings are among the most popular and highly redeemed gifts by recipients in almost all organizations

Promotional Products

Promote your name, logo, organization, culture and mission. We can brand nearly anything with your corporate identity.

“Business is not merely making deals. The mark of a great business is having outstanding products of impeccable quality that meet customers’ needs.”